The Top 3 Reasons Buildings Develop Mold and Mildew

Written by Bruce Davidson, P.Eng. The CVL Engineers Inc. team had quite a surprise when we were asked to review reported mold and mildew damage at a residential garage. We found that the structural studs were soft enough to pass a knife cleanly through! The density of the wood had degraded so much that the […]

Reserve Fund Studies & Depreciation Reports

CVL Engineers is proud to offer services to Condominiums across Canada. We support condominium corporations by preparing Reserve Fund Studies and Depreciation Reports. These reports are used to ensure regulatory compliance, but CVL Engineers goes above and beyond for our clients by providing additional support. We ensure corporations have the tools they need to use […]

No Reply? Why Professionals Need to Set New Expectations for Modern Communication

In modern businesses, managing communications is one of the most difficult daily tasks we face. Less than 30 years ago, there were limited ways to get in touch with a business: phone, email, and snail-mail were the only viable channels. Even phone calls were not necessarily an immediate channel of communication since our phones didn’t […]

What Living Out Our Values Means & Why it Matters for Clients

Any business can say anything when it comes to their values. It would be easy to choose words you know your clients want to hear. After all, pretty much anyone can lay claim to generic values like “honesty” and “integrity.” So, when we sat down to think about our company values, we wanted to do […]

7 Steps for More Effective Project Delivery

Project Delivery and Chess Are you struggling with the overall delivery of your projects? Project delivery is a little like chess; you’re constantly anticipating unknown moves, readjusting your plan, and playing out scenarios in your head. And, as in chess, there is mastery, but there is also a long process involved in learning the best […]

An Engineer’s Complete Checklist for Successful Project Handovers

Understanding Project Handovers Any type of engineering project undoubtedly requires focus, but that focus can never be single-minded. When the CVL Engineers Inc. team begins working on a project, we’re always preparing for a final handover from the outset. Handover is a crucial point in the project that needs to be handled with care and […]

An Engineer’s Perspective on the Trolley Problem

What is the Trolley Problem? You’ve very likely heard the problem outlined before at some point.  A trolley has lost its brakes and is hurtling out of control. You are right by a track switch and can divert the train to another path. If you flip the switch, the trolley will go down one track […]

Practical vs Professional Engineering

One aspect of engineering we run into often is the difference between practical and professional. We aren’t talking about dress attire in the office; in this conversation, we’re referring to the realities of construction and the difference between competent engineering and aesthetic engineering. Aesthetic Considerations When we’re designing structures, it’s always important to keep the […]

Maximum Span of Cantilever Beams

A question we get fairly often is what is the maximum span that we could cantilever this beam? Thankfully CVL Engineers has worked on a number of projects involving cantilever beams and we have a good understanding of them. Although they aren’t overly complex, there are some special calculations we need to understand in order […]

Build Better Templates

Everyone loves saving time, and there’s no better way to save time than using templates. If you can build highly effective templates, you can easily save yourself hours of time each week. Minimizing the Impact of Revisions Tell me if this sounds familiar: You just built a complex model of the building or system you’re […]

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