Construction Shutdown Risks & Costs (and Why Shutdown Plans Are Critical)

When we think of construction, we think of progress. It’s easy to imagine work flowing steadily and a building or structure coming together piece by piece. But what happens when projects unexpectedly shut down? It’s always a possibility, and it can result in some very negative consequences if risks aren’t properly mitigated.   The Implications […]

The Pros & Cons of Engineering Customized Modular Homes

At CVL Engineers, we’re no strangers to designing with modular units. One of our highlight projects included two and three-story modular structures built at the Kananaskis Nordic Spa. We’ve also applied modular engineering techniques to residential homes. Like any type of construction, modular homes come with their own unique set of challenges and benefits. Engineering […]

7 Essential Considerations Before Hiring an Engineering Consultant

If you were ever part of a group project in school, you know how important it is to assemble the right team. Hiring the right engineering consultant for your project is critical for your project’s success. A trustworthy consultant removes a great deal of pressure during the design and construction process. But what do you […]

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