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Who is CVL Engineers

CVL Engineers Inc. (“CVL”) does work in the fields of civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering. With resources in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver we are able to ensure your cool shit gets built right.

Founded in 2014, we are a small firm that is committed to delivering value to our clients. With a mission to Build Cool Shit, we try not to be the typical engineering firm. With values such as Creativity and Practicality, we do things better to get the best result. 

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to build cool shit.

Whether we’re working for homeowners or governments, engineering bridges or housing complexes, every project is awesome in its own way, with its own challenges and complexities.

By always embodying our values of creativity, practicality, service, and solidarity, we’re able to build cool shit for people and organizations that matter to us.


To us, creativity means rethinking stale and unchallenged ideas and drawing inspiration from unique places. It’s never taking the easy way, but always pushing harder to find the best way.


Practicality goes hand-in-hand with creativity. We solve problems using solutions that are already on hand and we aim for the straightest path through a challenge.


We’re going to do whatever it takes to get the job done effectively, easily, and with the least possible costs. If it costs more, it’s only because we’ve worked harder to save time and money down the road.


The CVL Engineers Inc. team is always up for a challenge because we’re confident in our shared abilities. We’ve worked together for years and we know how to handle the pressure without cracking.

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