Why Early Engagement with Your Engineer is Crucial for the Design Process

As anyone who played sports in high school knows, coming in late to the game never gets you off to a good start. The earlier you arrive, the more time you have to prepare, get your head in the game, and get a good stretch in.

Engineering and design work in a similar way. The earlier you can get an engineer on board for your project, the better the potential outcomes will be. That’s one reason an important aspect of our design approach at CVL Engineers includes engaging early with the contractor or manufacturer.

Giving Your Project the Best Head Start Possible

Early engagement gives you a leg up and increases your chance of success, but it also can contribute to cost savings. Building the project will always cost more than engineering it, which is why a solid start to your project is so essential.

Early engagement ensures your project engineers can overcome challenges and identify opportunities before they arise. Predicting possible outcomes is always easiest when you bring your engineering team in Edmonton on from the outset.

Finally, developing well-rounded plans is typically only possible when we are engaged before the design phase. Construction is a machine with many moving pieces. It’s important to be able to look at unique components like safety, scheduling, costs, human resources, and procurement strategies individually and in relation to one another.

A Collaborative Early Engagement Process

The CVL team is uniquely suited to working along to decide how a project should be built. Collaboration is vitally important when we’re putting together the design/construction interface. We’re open to discussing any solution that helps to achieve the desired end result.

Most projects involve collaboration with experts across multiple sectors. We’ve worked with professionals and builders in a wide range of fields, so we know which questions to ask and how to bring diverse ideas together.


Bridging the Gaps in Technology

For our engineers, the space between what is possible and what is unrealistic is fairly short. We believe in our ability to bridge the technology gaps between residential, commercial, infrastructure, and industrial constructions. This gives us more opportunities to find solutions, no matter what the scope of your project entails.


Following Through with Construction Support

In many cases, clients request our construction support services on an ongoing basis during the project execution phase. These services are more efficient and cost-effective when we have a full understanding of the project scope from start to finish, which is just one more way early engagement can provide better project results.


Ask Us About Early Engagement

As a well-established engineering firm in Western Canada, CVL Engineers is dedicated to contributing positively to the industry as a whole. Reach out with your questions about the early engagement process for engineers. We’ll be happy to have a discussion to discuss what your expectations should be when you hire an engineer or consultant.

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